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It’s that time of year, you’ve been busy sewing names into backs of shirts and jumpers, spending hours getting them measured and fitted for shiny new shoes and deciding upon the all-important lunchbox design all whilst shedding a few tears in-between over how your baby got to be so grown up.

Capturing your little one as they embark on their first day of nursery, school or on a new year can create fantastic memories to look back on, think of the fun you can have on their last day of school or when they graduate 16 years later?  And whilst you can’t go wrong with the classic ‘against a brick wall in full uniform’ photograph, we’ve put together a list of alternative shots you can have a go at to make your back to school collection just that little bit different.

Ask them questions

This could be as simple as asking what they want to be when they grow up….

or adding a list of all their stats like height, age and some of the things they like.

Friendly faces

Capturing a photo with some of their best buddies will be a cause for lots of amusement in years to come when forgotten names and faces are quickly remembered.

The bigger picture

Sometimes, you don’t have to focus on the face. You can capture the real emotion by singling out the real poignant part of what you’re trying to photograph, in this case, your small human with their rucksack loaded with a lunchbox, a teddy and tons of trepidation.


If you need to lighten the mood, grabbing a set of chalkboards, writing a funny message on it and incorporating that into your photograph can work really well. Things like ‘Stop crying Mum’ or ‘Roll on 2028’ have been known to raise a smile.

A photo within a photo within a photo……

Another great idea is to take the photo from the first year, frame it and then get them to hold it in as they pose for the current year’s photo. Then, frame this photo ready for the following year. You get the picture? Eventually you’ll have them holding a photo of a photo of photo and so on. This could be a great project for their time at primary school.

We’d love to know if you’ve been creative with your back to school photos, feel free to share them with us below!

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Trace looks after the community here at Lifecake. You can either find her typing furiously on this blog, or chatting to the Lifecake community on social media.

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