Lifecake – iOS update

Hot on the heels of our recent web update, we’re delighted to announce some big improvements to our iOS app. Available in the next few days, here’s what you can expect…

A faster timeline

We’ve done a huge amount of work behind the scenes to bring your moments back to you more quickly. Our ‘time machine’ feature (also known as ‘fast scroll’) is now ever-present allowing you to fly instantly between your child’s first day in the world… to their first day at school. Check out the video below:

A split activity feed

You spoke, we listened 🙂 If you’re part of other children’s timelines as well as your own, you’ll see this section now has a filter.  It separates the What’s New feed between ‘My children’ and ‘Other children’.

A cleaner detail view

No more image cropping, refined design and improved usability 🙂

A more fun & colourful interface

We wanted the app to better reflect the joy that children can bring. So, we’ve made a few tweaks which will hopefully bring a smile to your face.

We’d love to know what you think, so please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. We’ll also be rolling out some more new features over the next few months so follow us on social media to find out more. And that new web update we talked about? You can read all about it here.

Trace @Lifecake

Trace looks after the community here at Lifecake. You can either find her typing furiously on this blog, or chatting to the Lifecake community on social media.

  1. Thank you! Very glad to hear this. Hopefully you have native iPhone 6 support and support for iCloud Photo Library.

    Any plans to have Live Photo integration? Its an amazing feature for kids.

    1. Hey Eugene, thanks so much for your feedback!

      Live Photo integration is something we need to look into, we can appreciate that kids love this though! Support for iCloud Photo Library isn’t in this update but I shall pass this on to the team.

    1. Hi Bethany, thanks for your feedback! We have an exciting update coming with regards to print which we hope to share with you all in the Autumn, watch this space!

    1. Hey Susan, thanks for your question. We get asked for this feature frequently so I shall be passing on your comments to our team 🙂

  2. I’d love to be able to share the photos AND videos from the Lifecake app so that I could then share them with other friends.

    1. Hey Britt, thanks for your feedback! Have you invited your friends to follow your child’s Lifecake? They can then get updates on the go 🙂

  3. Literally the best app to give family access to your photos without having to share them on social media
    I couldn’t recommend the app more
    Totally made my parenting journey that little bit better being able to give people access to the photos and giving me the opportunity when I went back to work to see photos of her so I felt asif I wasn’t missing out
    Couldn’t recommend it more

    1. Awww Cori, thanks so much for your feedback! It’s great to hear from users on how the app has made their life that little bit easier 🙂

  4. Please please partner up with someone to print in the correct order a photo book! We love the app so much – it really helps when your family live in different cities xx

    1. Hi Sasha, thanks so much for your feedback! We have an exciting update coming with regards to print which we hope to share with you all in the Autumn, watch this space!

    1. Hi Laura, thanks for your question! We have an exciting update coming with regards to print which we hope to share with you all in the Autumn, watch this space!

  5. Please incorporate casting to Chrome/Google cast devices from my mobile device. I can only cast from my laptop browser. Thanks.

    1. Hi Bennett, thanks for your feedback! We have an exciting update coming with regards to print which we hope to share with you all in the Autumn, watch this space!

  6. Some good changes. I’d love to see an option to view just all videos or just all photos for a quick search through videos, without having to scroll through everything

    1. Hey Joanna, thanks so much for your feedback and your suggestion, we love hearing what our users would want to see within the app! I’ll pass your comments over to the team 🙂

  7. I’ve been using moment garden for four years but actually prefer lifecake. I’d love to transfer everything across to lifecake but don’t know how. Is there an easy way?

    1. Hey there,
      If you can download everything in one go from Moment Garden (we allow users to do this so hopefully they will) you can set the Lifecake web version to upload everything (this will depending on your internet signal though so bear with!) and then this will synch with the app. Let us know how you get on 🙂

    1. Hey Tabrez, thanks so much for your feedback!
      Live photo is something we need to look into, we know that kids must love it though!
      When you say the names of people who like a photo, can you explain a little more what you mean? Thanks so much!

      1. Hi Trace,

        Good that you’ll be looking into Live Photos.

        In the iOS app, if, for example, 10 people like a photo. I can’t see who they are. It shows about 4 names followed by an ellipses (…).

        It’s only on the desktop I can see who likes it.

        Thanks 🙂

  8. This app is a life changer for a mum. Instead of constantly messing around sending photos via whatsapp to loved ones separately.. Then forgetting some people and offending them.. This is just so innovative and forward thinking. I keep forgetting to share it in my mummy business.

    Thanks ever so much 🙂

    I’m not picky with improvements just very grateful for whatever you come up with next!

    Ta 🙂 x

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely feedback Katie, it’s great to hear that we’ve helped you share with loved ones…. oh and we’d love it if you could tell your mummy business all about it too!

  9. I love this app very much and use it daily, can I suggest a way to bring only videos up? Such a separate screen where you can view only videos. Is a little tidious to look the through the timeline to find a certain video.

    1. Hi Trinity, thanks for the feedback, it’s great to hear you use it daily! Thank so much for your suggestion too, I’ll definitely pass that on to the team.

    1. Hi Sarah, thanks for your question! An Android update is something we are working on so we’ll keep you updated 🙂

  10. Love the app but am frustrated by a few things.
    1. It is annoying to get an email saying the time line increased by x number of photos when I already had a notification that I new photo had been added

    1. I really don’t need to know every time someone else "likes" a photo.

    2. Sometimes I get a notification that a new picture has been added but when I check the site there is no new picture.

    1. Hey Nanci,
      Thanks so much for your feedback and great to hear that you love the app. You can turn off notifications within the app by going to settings, account, and then notifications. There you can select which ones you’d like to receive and which ones you don’t 🙂
      That sounds strange about the new picture added, when that happens again can you let us know at and we can investigate it further… although appreciate you might not see this if you turn off all notifications now!

  11. Is there any way of having an easy way to get a printed form, maybe book form from the app? It would be great to be able to have hard copy of the progress linked to the app.
    Michelle Mayo.

    1. Hey Michelle,
      Thanks so much for your feedback, there will be an exciting update coming involving print early Autumn… we can’t wait for you all to see it!

  12. Your app is amazing, looking to make a photo book for my child’s first birthday. Played with the feature yesterday and couldn’t see the option to add more than one photo/ a collage to a page. This would make it perfect!

    1. Hey,
      Thanks so much for your lovely feedback! There is an exciting update coming to the book builder in the autumn and we can’t wait to show you….

  13. Good news – a missing feature though is the ability to save videos to my iOS device – I can with photos but not videos, are you planning to introduce this feature. Saves roaming charges when I’m away and love to show my grandchildren videos to new friends

    1. Hey Peter, thanks so much for your feedback and great to hear you’re always showing it to friends!
      Downloading video is a feature we are frequently asked for so I shall be passing on your comments to the team.

    1. Hi Lisa, thanks for your feedback! We have an exciting update coming with regards to print which we hope to share with you all in the Autumn, watch this space!

  14. Looking forward to the new features…. agree that being able to print from Lifecake will be great too.
    Happy days 🙂

  15. Updates look great. Would love a feature that notified you of the picture/videos from this day last year/2 years ago today etc… Often find myself scrolling back down to see what we were doing and what he looked like a year ago!

    1. Hey Amy, thanks for your feedback! Hopefully you receive our lucky dip emails where we send you a ‘then and now’ photo, but going back in time to a year, 2 year, 3 year etc is also something we’ll definitely look into!

  16. These are great improvements, thank you so much.

    I think a really cool feature to add in the future would be a split screen of all your kids at the same age. My kids are about 2 years apart and it’s fun for me to look back at my oldest to see what he looked like at my younger child’s age.

  17. Sound like brilliant improvements to an already excellent app! Please can you make producing a hard copy photo book easier. We’ve struggled to work out how to make one. THANKS!

    1. Hey Kate, thanks so much for your lovely words and feedback! We’ve got some exciting updates coming this autumn to the book builder, watch this space!

  18. I love Life cake & being able to see our grandson & great nephew in their special moments. The new changes look amazing! Keep up the good work…

  19. Using Lifecake has been fun. I like getting comparison pictures (2 months and 1 year for example) and the ease of use. Issues and bugs have been limited so I appreciate that.

  20. Hi, it would be great if the parents could download all the photos. At present you can only download in bulk the ones you have uploaded. I appreciate you can click the photo and ‘save as’ but this is time consuming and a bulk download would be preferable.

    1. Hey Jonathan, thanks for your feedback and comments! I shall definitely be passing this on to the team for consideration as we can understand why you’d want at full bulk download 🙂

    1. Hi Sylvia, thanks for your comments! Currently, you can only download photos from the app but we get asked about being able to download video frequently so I shall definitely pass your request on to the team too.

  21. What a wonderful app! The grandparents live in different countries so this has been an amazing way to keep all involved.

    A few thoughts.
    – would be nice to be able to leave a comment that isn’t seen by everyone – just for myself for memory sake. For example if I wanted to write where a photo was taken or something to remind myself of the day but don’t necessarily want to share the thoughts with the whole family. Or, I use the app as though it’s to my son (for when he gets older) so I address all photos as ‘you did that’ or ‘you liked this’ etc. Would be nice to be able to write some private messages to him as well.

    • I don’t know if this is already possible, so I apologize if so. Would be nice to be able to upload audio files. We use the voice recorder on the iPhone a lot and would be fun to share that.

    Thank you

    1. Hey Alexandria,
      Firstly thank you so much for your kind words, we’re glad we’re helping to keep all the family connected.
      Secondly, thank you for your suggestions and feedback, they are all extremely good ideas and ones that I shall pass on to the team here at Lifecake. We love that you’re using the app as a journal for your son for when he’s older too, it’ll be a great ‘story’ for him to read 🙂

  22. Thankyou Lifecake so much, we now don’t miss our family’s special moments and get to see and share all the special moments as well as the every day ones.

  23. Lifecake you guys are Amazing!! My parents are thousands of miles & an ocean away from us in England & we are in Canada, your app allows them to never miss out on their first grandchild’s important & precious life moments. Lifecake makes it so easy to stay connected as it is SO easy to upload both photos & videos…I am so happy I found this app 🙂

  24. With the update, can we no longer generate lifecake videos? I can’t seem to find the option to do so. Thanks!

    1. Hey Elizabeth, thanks so much for your feedback. That feature isn’t in the latest update, BUT we’re working on exciting, much better features that will replace this, watch this space!

  25. Hi there, we love Lifecake! It’s been so useful to share pics of both our kids while we were living in the US and our families were in Europe. I would love it if there was a feature where only the parents can upload pics, or where others who would want to do so need to be enabled by the parents . Thanks!!!

    1. Hey Margherita, thanks so much for your lovely feedback! Thanks for your suggestion too, keep your eyes peeled for updates coming later in the year that might interest you! 😉

  26. 2 things I immediately noticed are:

    1- when I send a photo to life cake from photos on iPhone it makes me select my child every time, but I only have 1 so it’s just annoying.

    2- my quotes are in a giant font and can now only see a word or two without having to open it. Previously I could see all the text in thumbnail view.

    1. Hey Jodi,
      Thanks so much for your comments.

      1) Thanks for raising. This should absolutely not be the case when you only have one child – we’re investigating and shall fix asap.

      2) If the story has a title – we default to this being shown in the Timeline view. If you could send across some screenshots to me at we’ll ask the designers to take another look at how we handle this.
      Thank you so much!

  27. It is disappointing that lifecake now requires access to my photos in order to work. I enjoy seeing all the photos of my friends’ children, but don’t intend to upload any directly. Why do you need access to my photos? I’m afraid it’s web-only for me otherwise.

    1. Hi Catherina, this was a mistake that we’re fixing in an update out very shortly. Really sorry. We should only be requesting access to your photos when you press the green ‘+’ button. However, please note that granting us permission does NOTHING unless you do press the + button to add new content (and only then, all it does is allow us to display your photos for you to select from – we don’t do any auto upload or anything underhand).

  28. Hello, I just noticed the updates you made to the app. Unfortunately, some of the dates no longer properly line up. So on a picture where my daughter is exactly 4 months, it now says 4 months 30 days which is completely off. I’m hoping it’s just a glitch that you will be resolving…

    1. Hey Kelsey, thanks for your comments – we’re really sorry, this is a bug with the update, but good news is we have our engineers working on it and an update will be out shortly that will fix this. Thanks for bearing with us.

  29. Hello!
    I can’t seem to preview my pictures in full size before choosing which to upload after this update. Please please fix this! X

    1. Hey Alexia, thanks for getting in touch. We’re working on it …and it’s going to be a VERY cool improvement 🙂 It’ll be released in the next couple of weeks so watch this space.

      1. Hi Trace, I have been watching this space for the past week. I didn’t miss the update of the new "preview feature" right? 🙂 I definitely appreciated this features to select what videos I would post to lifecake. Thank you!

  30. Really enjoying Lifecake so far, however I’ve just upgraded to annual subscription and I can’t upload any photos! It keeps saying upload failed. I’ve tried everything I can think of, including my wifi and cellular data connections, restarting app and iPhone etc… Help please?

    1. Hey Frankles, thanks for your feedback, sorry to hear you’ve been having problems.
      We’re currently investigating an iOS issue with uploading, but in the meantime, can you try logging out and logging back in and uploading from camera roll while we investigate?

  31. I’ve downloaded the newest update to my iPad and iPhone but when I uploaded a photo, there wasn’t the little i button to add info. I want to add a title, but without that button, I don’t know how. Please let me know if that feature is gone.

    1. Hi Mimi! Thanks for your message. From Detail View, tap the 3 dots, then select ‘Edit title’. We will be adding an ‘Uploads’ screen from where you can add the title to all your photos and videos that are in the process of being uploaded, from the same screen.

  32. Since the update I get notices that someone has commented on a photo but I can no longer open the app and go directly to the photo that was commented on. So rather than scroll through an entire history to find a new comment this feature is now useless.

    1. Hi Mamie, really sorry for the trouble. This shouldn’t be happening as you describe so our team will need to investigate. In the mean time, please try signing out and back in again as this might help resolve the problem.

      1. The three dots aren’t there. Below the photo is the heart icon, the box with arrow icon, and speech bubble comment icon.

          1. Can I just check you are a creator of your account Mimi? This feature is currently only available for parents (creators) but is something we’re reviewing.

  33. Don’t like the update, the dates all seem to be messed up, for example I scroll down and the pic says my son was 7months when he was 5 months old. I’ve tried signing out and back in but it makes no difference. Also don’t like how you can’t zoom in on the pics whilst you’re choosing which ones to upload, that was really useful before.

    1. Sorry to hear you’ve been having issues Natalie. The date problem should be fixed in an update real soon so bear with us on that. We also working on a new feature which replaces the zooming in which we hope you’ll love even more.

    1. Hey Lauren, thanks for your feedback – we’re currently working on a fix for this issue that some are experiencing In the meantime, can you try logging out / logging back in and uploading from your camera roll and seeing if that works? Thanks for your patience.

  34. When I open the app the only options are to accept invite or to add a child. I was the creator of the account but can’t get into the app! I also do not have the option to log out. So I thought maybe deleting the app and reinstalling would help.. but when I try to do that it prompts that all data will be lost and I don’t want that either! (obviously) So didn’t remove the app. Now what??

    1. Hi Teresa, firstly sorry you are having some issues.
      This isn’t a bug we’ve seen yet, but it’s fine to go ahead and delete the app and reinstall, then try and sign in as normal, (All of your data will be safe with us, it’s fine). If this doesn’t work can you come back to me with your email address you sign in with and we’ll investigate further.
      Thank you!

    1. Hi Natalie, thanks for getting in touch. Can you just check for us that your sound settings on your device aren’t set to silent or that the ringer is turned off? I know this sounds silly but we just need to check that first. If there is still no sound can you come back to me and we’ll investigate further.

    1. Hi Gina,
      This is a known bug and we’re working on a fix, in the meantime can you take a screenshot of this and email it to so they can track this and make sure we fix asap.
      So sorry, we’ll get this resolved for you though!

  35. I’m also having an issue with my child appearing older than he is. I’ve emailed the support team twice over the past week and got no response. Loved the app, very disappointed with the unresponsive customer service 🙁

    1. Hi Melissa,
      Sorry to hear you’ve been having some issues and sorry that we’ve not been in touch sooner. Have you installed the latest update? This should fix this problem, but if you have and you’re still seeing this can you let me know?
      Thank you,

        1. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you Melissa. Can you let me know the email address you use to sign in and we’ll take a closer look.

  36. Hello! Is there a way to only see my children in the timeline view? Right now I am seeing other children as I scroll.

    1. Hey Priya, you can choose which children display on your feed by tapping on the Lifecake leaf in the top left hand side and then selecting or deselecting what children show in your timeline view. Hope this helps 🙂

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