Three simple ways to add impact with different perspectives

Professional photographs often have that ‘wow’ factor and this can simply be because the image has been taken from a different angle than what you would normally be used to seeing.

I train parents to take great photos of their children and one of my tips is to think outside of the box and try and change your viewpoint.

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”

— Wayne Dwyer

There are a number of ways you can try this and I have included some examples below. These were all taken at my local park on my DSLR, but these can also be captured on a camera phone. One of the biggest advantages of today’s camera phones is that they are wide-angled, which means they are perfect for getting both your child, and the playground into shot.

Create frames

Look for interesting shapes in the park that you can use to create a frame around your subject. In this image the little girl was sat on the opposite end of the see-saw and I chose to lower my camera and shoot through the handle to create a circular frame around her.

Image source: Nina Mace Photography
Image source: Nina Mace Photography 

Get inside

If you are feeling adventurous (and agile!) you can get inside the play equipment too! I took this shot while I was inside the tunnel. As I was right inside it also meant that I had his full attention as it was not something he was used to seeing 🙂

Image source: Nina Mace Photography
Image source: Nina Mace Photography

Get down low

Often, if you are taking photos in a park, it can be quite crowded with other families and children. One great way to avoid getting other people in your shot is to get down low. For this photo I placed my camera on the floor so I could get the boy’s feet flying and the lovely blue sky.

Image source: Nina Mace Photography
Image source: Nina Mace Photography

I hope these photography tips have inspired you to get out and take some fun images of your children outside now the warmer weather is here! Do let us know how you get on or share your examples of different perspectives in the comments section below.

Nina Mace

Nina Mace is an award-winning children's photographer who also trains beginner parents and professional photographers. Her work has been recognised by the Guild of Professional Photographers when she won Children's Photographer of the Year. Her work has also been featured in magazines and blogs including Child Photo Contest and Vogue. To see more of her work visit Nina Mace Photography


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