A guide to capturing important milestones

Children grow up so quickly, one minute you are holding your precious newborn bundle and then the next they are trotting off on their first day of school. As much as you think you’ll be able to remember those precious moments forever, memories of those little toes or the way their used to smile with that cute little gummy grin can soon fade.

Photography has always been a passion of mine, I am never without my camera or my phone and so I am constantly snapping away. I have captured so many moments, those that woud have been otherwise lost in the depths of my memory banks. With this blog post, I want to show you how you can best capture those all important milestones, so you can look back on them and remember for years to come.

Newborn baby

Do you know what I think of when I look back at those early days? Baby feet. So soft and so new. The best way to capture this is to lie baby down so that their feet are pointing towards a window. That way, when you are shooting, the light will be at your back and will create a gorgeous glow against their little toes.

Image source: What Katy Said
Image source: What Katy Said

Shoot up close and focus on the feet so that the rest of the shot is out of focus. Such a gorgeous shot – one for the nursery wall for sure! I use a DSLR for many of my photos, you can create amazing shots with the different lenses.

First smiles

Now, you might not have a camera handy for the very first smile but once a baby starts they just don’t stop.

Image source: What Katy Said
Image source: What Katy Said 

Problem was, I always found that as soon as I got the camera out the smiling would stop. This shot might involve some team work – you can get someone else to take the photo while you go on the best charm offensive to get your little one to break out those gums.

First tastes

Making the switch from milk to solid food is a very exciting time, Whether you puree or hand them a cucumber stick, you’ll capture some amazing expressions as they try out different foods for the first time.

Image source: What Katy Said
Image source: What Katy Said

Some photos, actually my favourite photos, are best taken un-staged. Pointing a camera in someone’s face can be off-putting at times so sometimes it’s best to try and shoot from a distance, unseen.

On the move

As mentioned in previous blog posts, It’s always good to position yourself where the action is. If your little one is starting to crawl or take their first steps then you’ll need to be at ground level.

Image source: What Katy Said
Image source: What Katy Said 

With cameras and even more camera phones you are able to set the point of focus. Here I have focused on my little girl and so even though the floor is in the majority of the photo, it actually just leads the eye to her – the little monkey is crawling away under the table!

First day of school

As children get older, they become trickier to photograph. You need to learn the art of distraction. Pull funny faces, jump up and down, ask them to look inside the lens.

Image source: What Katy Said
Image source: What Katy Said

This one was taken using my camera phone , so don’t worry if you don’t have a big camera. It is the every day moments that you capture that will be the most treasured.


Katy Flint

Katy is a mama of three. She blogs over at What Katy Said where she writes about family life, shares recipes and style tips as well as encouraging others to make the best of every day.

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