Store your kids artwork – the digital way

You know how it is, your little one comes running out of nursery or school frantically waving their latest masterpiece. And whilst you couldn’t feel any prouder as they explain that they’ve expertly drawn you on that recent trip to the zoo, your thoughts divert to that ever-growing pile of artwork that’s taking on a life of it’s own in the cupboard.

Of course, there will be some pictures which you’ll want to treasure forever and display  – after all that’s what fridges are for right?  But for all those others, still meaningful but piled high and with no signs of slowing, we have a solution and whilst it does involve the recycling bin, it first calls for your camera. Every time a new piece of artwork is produced, simply take a photograph. Once digitally-immortalised, you’ll be free to throw the artwork – and all the glitter and glue that comes with it – into the recycling.

This doesn’t have to take long, we’ve known some parents who’ve cleared through a 4 year backlog in less than an hour. Still daunted? To help get you started, we’ve come up with a few tips on how to capture the perfect shot of that artwork:

Tip 1

Find a space with lots of nice, natural light and then turn off the flash.

Tip 2

With paintings or drawings, stand directly above the piece so you capture it exactly as it is, if it’s a little crumpled then use tape to straighten it out and hold it down – remember it doesn’t matter after the photoshoot! Try not to shadow the shot too.

Tip 3

Lay the artwork on a simple, clean background. Less fuss means the kids creations will really stand out.

Tip 4

Another way to capture each piece of art is to involve the artists. Having the kids involved means you’ll also have a record of how old they were when things were created, a great way to see how they’ve developed.

Tip 5

Upload the photo to your child’s Lifecake account and add the artwork as part of their story. You can also add details such as the age they were and what they’ve drawn… that elephant might not be so obvious in a few years time! Alternatively, create a separate folder specifically for their artwork.

Tip 6

And finally, don’t get caught disposing of the original, the fall-out from your budding Picasso discovering you’re throwing away their masterpiece can be disastrous. We don’t have any foolproof tips for this, but we find the ‘stealth-like, push it to the bottom of the bin’ method works the best.

If you’ve already been doing this we’d love to know your tips – or can’t you bear to be parted with it and still keep everything?

Trace @Lifecake

Trace looks after the community here at Lifecake. You can either find her typing furiously on this blog, or chatting to the Lifecake community on social media.

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