Books just got better!

We’re so excited to unveil the new online photo book builder! You can now create and print HDbooks on the website, we’ve listened to your feedback on the original version and love the changes – we hope you do too.

Building your own book has never been easier, anyone can create one, in just a few minutes. Pick the star of your book, the time period you want to print and then we’ll auto-fill with your favourites, or you can easily swap images for your own choices if you prefer.

The books will be printed using Canon’s state of the art technology, colours will appear so vivid your photos literally jump right off the page!

An HDbook makes the perfect gift for Christmas, a birthday or as a keepsake of your favourite memories of the year. Create yours today and get 25% off your first order, just enter code ‘hdbooks’ at the checkout.

And as always, we love to hear from you, so please leave your feedback on the new book builder in the comments section below!

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  1. Having just looked at the book builder and what it produces, I’m afraid I don’t agree that they got better. I can’t comment on the quality of the images when printed, but there was nothing wrong with these before. The main problems with the old book builder were that you couldn’t add stories, or comments to the book, and that you could only have one image per page. Both issues are still there. And to make it worse, the information that was added before about the photo, the date and the title, is no longer added. I would have to add this all manually to every photo, after having already added the title manually to every photo in Lifecake itself. I could understand if there was an option to include or remove this for the whole book, but to remove features from what was available before, as well as not fixing the issues that were there, this is a backward step for me.

    1. Hi Daniel
      Thank you for taking the time to review the book builder. We really appreciate you taking the time to feed back to us as it helps us make improvements.
      To answer your points, you can change the layout to up to 4 photos a page with some layouts allowing for comments to be added. Each page layout can be changed from within the book builder, there is a tab on the top left hand side. We will be feeding back that it wasn’t that easy to discover though.
      Thank you for feeding back about the ‘in app’ comments we do plan to bring this feature back to the book builder in due course.
      One final thing, I know you commented that quality wasn’t an issue for you, but it is worth noting that the quality of the HDbooks are second to none and a big step up from the previous.
      And thank you, we appreciate you taking the time to reply, your comments are important to us.
      Best wishes,

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