The best place for childhood photos and videos.

Lifecake is the best place for childhood photos and videos. Parents take thousands of photos and videos that have no place in public. They’re a pain to organise, share with family, and to quickly find again later. These ethereal moments mean little to others, but everything to us. They tell the story of childhood.


Unorganised, these snapshots overwhelm our phones and folders. Families deserve a simple, private, lasting place to keep, share, and relive childhood moments — across time, distance, and generations. That’s why we built Lifecake.


There’s another side to this journey. It’s increasingly common to see families scattered across several countries and continents. But while there’s more connectivity, we’re losing out on real human connection. We just don’t see each other enough any more.

Pop a baby into the mix and the challenge intensifies. Childhood is intense and brief. No grandparent, aunt, or close friend should miss out. That, too, is why we built Lifecake.

Yes, our toddlers throw food and launch temper tantrums. Our in-laws may tsk-tsk our parenting methods. A parent’s life is a logistics operation. But I love my family, warts and all.

Whatever happens, let’s just smile, shake our head, and go, “Yup, that’s my kid!” Let’s celebrate life, children and togetherness.

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