13 Greek God Baby Names

13 Greek God Baby Names for Boys

Answer: Names for boys inspired by the Greek mythological Gods include well-known names such as Jason, Damon and Hector, and lesser used names like Apollo, Linus, Evander, Zeno, Perseus and Ajax. Whichever…

Top 11 Baby Names Meaning Miracle

Top 11 Baby Names That Mean Miracle

Answer: Baby names that mean miracle (and synonyms) include Aaron, Benedict, Asher, Theodore, Alazne, Gwyneth, Marvel, Beatrix, Loreto/Loretta, Milagro/Milagros, and Jesse. Read on for more information about the background of these names.…

24 Baby Names Inspired by Music

24 Baby Names Inspired by Music

Answer: There are many names for your new baby inspired by great artists, song titles and lyrics, musical genres and instruments, including Adele, Dolly, Otis, Dylan, Lucy, Jude, Eleanor, Alfie, Jazz, Rocky…

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