24 weeks - ''hear's'' what's happening

24 weeks - ''hear's'' what's happening

At 24 weeks your baby has been busy developing a sense of hearing and will start to familiarise sounds outside of the womb.... your voice, your partner's voice, songs and even animal noises.  In the early stages, baby will only hear low-pitched sounds such as your heartbeat or your tummy gurgling but as weeks go on, you may notice that they react to certain sounds through movement.

Talking or singing to the bump or playing your favourite music to the baby can sometimes evoke movement, it has been said that sounds that they recognise from their time in the womb can sometimes make them more alert or calmer (depending on the sound) outside of it. Think about recording some of these to video when you are alone or with your partner, these intimate moments make for great memories down the line.

But what is Lifecake?

Lifecake was born with a beautiful baby! Nick, a co-founder, flew out to San Francisco to help his sister with the birth of his first nephew, Leo. Each day he took photos, videos and made notes on Leo's progress. Lifecake had started - Nick just didn't know it yet! Two weeks later he returned to the UK and felt instantly cut-off, they had calls, he got emails and they even tried a blog. It didn't work. Two years later he formed a team to tackle the challenge - a single place to record, relive and share the story of a child's life. Lifecake had officially started!

Like Nick's sister, we know that parents love to share photos of their child but they want a safe, quick and easy way to do that. And, like Nick, family and friends are increasingly spread across the globe, feeling like they are missing out on the fun. Likecake allows parents to do three important things....

Preserve memories

Capture the ordinary, the extraordinary and those little moments in-between and add to one seamless timeline.

Time travel

Jump back instantly, to any photo or video. Remember everything.

Keep family close

Share privately with family and friends. Make them feel part of the journey, whenever, wherever.

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